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The Orchard Project

Jaime and Emily took on a very challenging project for us...They were able to provide a vision of what this space could become and worked hard to transform it. We found them enthusiastic, flexible, easy to work with , creative and knowledgeable... We would not hesitate to recommend them for this kind of project. 

In August 2018, we had a fantastic opportunity to work on a local project which perfectly fitted with the Bee Eco Gardens ethos. The area measured approx. 1/5th of an acre with weeds, brambles and grasses as high as 6ft. Our client had recently purchased the land, which backs onto their existing garden, to prevent building works being carried out. At first no plans had been made as to how the land would be used, except that it would be an ideal space for their new puppy to run around. In our eyes we immediately envisaged this area as an ideal space for a wildflower meadow.

We wanted to create a space which will be thriving with pollinators and wildlife as well as being a reasonably 'low maintenance' option for our client.

After carrying out an initial wildlife inspection

Jaime didn't waste time getting fully equipped

to tackle the neglected, overgrown scrubland.

For the entire first week we focused on getting

back to the ground throughout the entire plot and transferring all vegetation to a single area where it can compost down over time. Due to the initial height of the growth a significant improvement was visible after the first couple of days.

Soon we were able to move around the space easier and assess the natural undulations of the land. Previously unseen areas were uncovered and the overall size of the land was put into perspective. Included in our discoveries was a not so exciting find of a fallen apple tree and subsequently a flattened shed with it's entire contents.

Bricks, concrete, metal and an interesting amount of spiders! This in itself created

a whole new challenge for us. The sadly defeated tree was dismantled branch

by branch and a chipper/shredder was used to help breakdown the large

amounts of wood we were left with. We quickly came up with an idea as to

how we can put all of this raw material to good use and avoid burning it or

sending it to landfill. We used the large logs to create a natural barrier/wall

along one of the boundary edges which was naturally sloped. We then filled

in behind with the wood chippings created. This made a beautiful natural area

where insects and other wildlife will be able to thrive, this was incredibly

rewarding for the customer as well as us.

After the clean up we rotavated the soil to a fine tilth and then seeded the entire area with wildflower and companion grasses mix

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